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How to connect to Adobe Analytics with OAuth Server-to-Server

About Adobe authentication

Adobe is deprecating the service account (JWT) login option to Adobe Analytics and creating new service account tokens (JWT) to log in to Adobe Analytics is no longer possible. See Adobe's guide to start using OAuth Server-to-Server authentication instead.

This guide will help you create the OAuth Server-to-Server credentials you need to connect your Adobe Analytics data to Supermetrics.


Only people with System administrator or Developer user roles in an Adobe Analytics account can add OAuth Server-to-Server credentials.

Adobe Analytics and Adobe Analytics 2.0 don't share certificates. If you're using both of these data sources with Supermetrics, you'll need to create an OAuth Server-to-Server credential for each one separately.


Step 1: Create a OAuth Server-to-Server credentials

Follow Adobe Analytics' detailed instructions to set up your OAuth Server-to-Server credentials

Take note

When you complete these steps, Adobe will offer a series of credentials. Make careful note of these — they're essential for connecting Adobe Analytics to Supermetrics.

  • Client ID
  • Client secret
  • Credential name

Step 2: Connect to Supermetrics

Once you've created your credentials, you're ready to connect it to Supermetrics.

  1. Open Supermetrics in your destination.
  2. Under Data sources, select Adobe Analytics
  3. Choose Connect with OAuth Server-to-Server.
  4. Enter the client ID, client secret, and credential name generated during the setup process.
  5. Click Start.
  6. Once the credentials are validated, click Create to finalize the connection.

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