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How to manage your billing information and billing entities

You can update your billing information on the Supermetrics Team Site:

  • If you have an Admin or Owner user role in the team and you're paying by credit card, you can update your credit card details.
  • If you have an Owner user role in the team, you can update your billing email address. You can also add multiple email addresses as your contact information. To change these details on the Team Site, go to Accounts & licenses → Billing.

If you're using PayPal, you can update the credit card details directly from your PayPal account.

Details that can't be updated

The company name, billing cycle, and tax ID (VAT ID for EU customers) can't be changed after the purchase has been processed. To make changes, you should cancel the current license and purchase a new one.

Create new billing entity

Learn more about billing entities.

  1. Login to the Team Site.
  2. Go to Accounts & licenses → Billing.
  3. Click + Add new entity below the existing billing entity.

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