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Adobe Analytics and Adobe Analytics 2.0: Authentication and reauthentication guide

This guide will walk you through how to authenticate or reauthenticate Adobe Analytics and Adobe Analytics 2.0 with Google Sheets, Data Studio, and Microsoft Excel, as well as data warehouse destinations like Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and API. 

  • Please note that Adobe Analytics 2.0 is in early access and not fully deployed, but available for testing.

Before you begin

There are two ways to authenticate Adobe Analytics and Adobe Analytics 2.0:

  • Connect with a service account — we recommend this method
  • Connect with OAuth

Please note that Adobe's OAuth logins are only valid for 2 weeks. If you use this option, you'll need to renew your authentication every 2 weeks to keep it active. We recommend using the service account option instead, as the login (token) stays active for longer.

Prerequisites: Connect with a service account

To connect Supermetrics to Adobe Analytics/2.0 with a service accountyou need:

To complete the connection, you'll:

  • Create new Project
  • Click Add API
  • Select Adobe Analytics
  • Select Service Account (JWT)
  • Download the public key from the Supermetrics login window
  • Upload public key to the new Adobe Project
  • Select the Adobe Analytics profiles you want to use in Supermetrics
  • Copy all the necessary information from the Adobe project credentials - Client ID, Client Secret, Technical Account ID, Organization ID

*Please note that Project Management and User Management are in different places in Adobe.

Prerequisites: Connect with OAuth

To connect Supermetrics Adobe Analytics/2.0 with OAuth, you need:

Data protection agreement 

If you have any questions about how Supermetrics handles and secures your data, read our policy on data privacy and security.


Google Sheets Data Studio  Excel Data integrations
Before you can authenticate the data source in Google Sheets, you need to install the Supermetrics add-on.
  1. Open a new Google Sheets file. 
  2. Click Add-ons → Supermetrics → Launch to open the sidebar.
  3. Under Data source, select Adobe Analytics / Adobe Analytics 2.0.
  4. Choose between these two authentication flows: 

    - Connect with a service account or;

    - Connect with OAuth

  5. If you choose service account

    Enter your client ID, technical account ID, organization ID, client secret, and click Start.

    If you choose OAuth:
    Enter your email address and password and click Log in.

  6. Under Select accounts, select the accounts.


Learn how to reauthenticate the data source with Supermetrics in Google Sheets.


  • If you encounter an authentication error such as “authentication failed”, “you need to reauthenticate” or similar, see this guide
  • If you encounter a permission error such as “user permission denied” or similar, follow this guide.

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