Requesting Missing Metrics and Dimensions

While we try to make sure the most valuable and most requested fields are added to our connectors, we don't add all fields supported by the data source APIs by default. So you may need to request additional fields to be added, which this guide will help you do.

Step #1 - Check That the Field Does Not Already Exist:

In some cases, we may have your field already in the product, but it may be under another name or listed as a dimension instead of a metric (or vice versa). We have the full field lists for all currently available metrics and dimensions here under "Integrations":

So please check under your data source's section for "Fields" to verify the field you want to use does not already exist. If it does not, then proceed to Step #2.

Step #2 - Check That the Field is Available in the API:

Most metrics and dimensions supported by the data source's own API can be added to the Supermetrics connectors. However, if the field you wish to have data for is not in the source API, there's no way we can support it.

Here's a list of the API documents* for the most popular data sources that you can check to see if they support the field you need added (those not listed you can still find on the internet):

Data SourceAPI Documentation Link
Facebook Ads
Facebook Insights
Google Ad Manager
Google Ads
Google AnalyticsReporting API V4:
MCF Reporting V3:
Google DV 360
Google Campaign Manager
Google My Business
HubSpotAnalytics API V2:
CMS Blogs API V2:
CMS Blog Authors API V3:
CMS Blog Posts API V2:
CMS Page Publishing API V2:
Companies API V2:
Company Properties API V1:
Contacts API V1:
Contact Lists API V1:
Contact Properties API V1:
CRM Pipelines API V1:
Deals API V1:
Email Events API V1:
Engagements API V1:
Forms API V2:
Marketing Emails API V1:
Owners API V2:
Social Media API V1:
Instagram Insights (See IG Media and IG User)
LinkedIn Ads
Microsoft Advertising
Pinterest Ads
SEMRush Analytics

SEMRush Projects

Twitter Ads
Vimeo Public Data
Yandex Metrica

*The documents linked should be of the API version we are currently using with the data source integrations. Newer API versions may not be supported yet, so we may have to wait to add the field until we upgrade the version.

Step #3 - Requesting the New Field

Once you have confirmed the field is not already in Supermetrics and is in the API documentation for that source, then you can make the request to Supermetrics to have the field added!

Please submit your vote using our Upvoty tool and make sure you have the following pieces of information contained in your request:

  • Name of the field(s) to be added. Please use either the UI label¬†or the name from the API,¬†so we're sure what field you mean;
  • A link to the API documentation that shows the field is supported.

Please, note that this process can take some time, so we appreciate your patience while we work on the request.

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