Google Ads Error: AuthorizationError.CUSTOMER_NOT_ACTIVE

This guide applies to the following error message for Google Ads connectors:


Google has introduced a policy that will automatically deactivate any accounts that have had no ad spend in the past 15 months. If the account has been deactivated because of this, or the admin canceled the account manually, then the account is no longer accessable by the API and will cause this error. For more information, see this Google help article:

For how to address the error:

  • You can reactivate account following these directions:
  • Or if the account was intentionally deactivated, then you need to remove the deactivated account from the query settings to clear the error.
    • For Sheets - Go to the SupermetricsQueries tab (if hidden, click Add-ons->Supermetrics->Manage queries). Find the row with the affected query(s) and scroll right to the "Accounts/Views" column. Find the reference to the account that is no longer active and delete it from that section.
    • For Data Studio - In the accounts drop-down in the main configuration settings for the data source, uncheck the box for that account to remove it from the query.

As this error comes from Google Ads, there's nothing Supermetrics can directly do to address it. If the above directions don't allow you to solve the issue or you can't reactivate or access the account, please contact Google Ads support for further assistance with your account.

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