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Pinterest Public Data: Query setup guide

Once you’ve authenticated your connection to Pinterest Public Data, you’re ready to create your first query. This guide will walk you through Pinterest Public Data query setup for Google Sheets, Data Studio, and Microsoft Excel, as well as data warehouse destinations like Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and the Supermetrics API. 

Before you begin

Pinterest Public Data does not require you to log in to a specific account. It allows you to collect publicly available data about page and page posts.

Available fields

Visit our documentation site for a full list of the metrics and dimensions Supermetrics can pull from the data source

  • Field label is the name that appears in the sidebar. 
  • Metrics can be found under type - “met”.
  • Dimensions can be found under type - “dim” .


Google Sheets Data Studio Excel Data Integrations
  1. Authenticate the data source in Google Sheets. 
  2. Select Metrics
  3. Select Split by Dimensions.
    You can choose to split your data into rows and/or columns, reflect the number of rows or columns to be fetched, and define how the data is sorted.
  4. Click Get Data to Table to create your query and pull your data.

Advanced options for Google Sheets

  1. You can filter your data by selecting the field, operator, and value to filter by. Learn more about filters.
  2. Under Options, you can add additional features to your query.


  • Query runs very slowly
    More commonly affects Sheets, as it allows for a larger row limit. The API being used is not that efficient, so the more user accounts you try pull or the more rows, the slower it gets. Try reducing the number of rows to something below 300 or limit the number of usernames listed.
  • No data overtime is available
    Sadly, this version of the API only shows lifetime totals for most metrics and you won't be able to report changes over time unless you use the "Combine new with old" feature in Sheets and run this every day to collect your own historical data (this feature is not available at all in Data Studio).
  • Discrepancies in board counts
    The version of the API we are using currently only allows us to fetch up to 50 pins per user, and the board data is derived from the pin data. So this may be why you only get 50 pins even with a higher setting, or that board data seems to be missing. This will be corrected in future when we upgrade to v4 of the API.
  • Getting "no data" for username
    The "display name" on their page may not be the correct one to use with their API. Make sure that you are using the true username as seen in the URL to their page on Pinterest:

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