Merging Teams in Team Management

This guide shows you how to merge teams in Team Management, which can be helpful to consolidate your licenses, remove trial teams, and simplify your Teams experience.

Before You Begin

Please make sure all the following conditions are true else you won't be able to merge the teams:

  • The account you logged into Team Management is a member of both the target team to be merged away and the destination team.
  • The account that will be performing the merge is an "Owner" role of both the target and destination team.
  • Both teams involved in the merge have different names.

If one of the above is not true, then please see Team Management for Data Studio for how to add members to teams and change their roles, and how to update the team name.

Team Merge Process

  1. Log into with the Google User ID that is an "Owner" role of the destination team.
  2. In the upper-right, check if the "Current team" is the one you want to be the destination team to be the destination, the team the others will be merged into. If it is not the right team, click Switch team and select the team from the drop-down that you want be the destination. This will be the "current team" mentioned in the rest of the article.

  3. Click on the TEAM tab.
  4. Click on the Merge teams link.

  5. Read the notice so you understand what the merge action is doing. YOU CANNOT UNDO THIS ACTION once you commit the merge.
  6. In the Choose the team to merge in drop-down, select the team you will merge away into the actively selected team on the Team Management UI. This selected team in the drop-down menu will no longer exist after the merge, all parts of it will be added in the current team.

    Example of the Merge UI to clarify:
  7. Check the box that you understand this action is NOT reversible and that the merged team will be deleted.

  8. Click OK to perform the team merge. You will get a popup saying the merge was successful.
    • If the merge was not successful, please submit a request for Support to investigate, making sure to include which two teams you were trying to merge, which was the destination team, and any error messages received.

  9. Now all the other team's members, licenses, and other details are now part of the currently selected team. This is also a good time to check the member list to make sure those added belong to the new team and have proper rights. See Team Management for Data Studio for instructions on how to edit and remove team members.

IMPORTANT: The merge process may affect other licenses that were using the merged team that was deleted. If team members note that their license is given trial expired errors, they may need to refresh the connector so it aligns with the new team. 

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