Where Can I Find and Modify My Invoices?

You can find your invoices for your Supermetrics purchases in the Team Management site. Note that you must be an "Owner" or "Admin" role to view this section.

  1. Log into https://team.supermetrics.com/ with the Google User ID set for the license or an "Owner" role team member.
  2. Click on the BILLING tab to find all invoices associated with the currently selected team.
  3. Then click on the individual entries to show more details to the right:

  4. Click on the View PDF button to then have a PDF of your invoice created. It will open in a separate tab or new window.

    NOTE: If you do not get the new window or tab with the PDF, check to see if you are blocking pop-ups as that will prevent it from opening.

  5. You can then save the PDF as a file or print it off as a hard copy using the PDF reader options or the right-click browser menu.

I Get An Error That I Don't Have Permissions

It may be that the account has no invoices to view (which can happen if you paid with a bank transfer), or that the account you are using is not an "Owner" or "Admin" role. You or someone on your team with "Admin" or "Owner" roles will need to go to the TEAM tab, find your account, and the edit that account to change the role to "Owner".

I Still Cannot Find My Invoice

If you cannot find the invoice you were looking for in the BILLING section, the license may have been assigned to another team. Click "Switch team" from the top-right corner to select other teams your user ID is associated with and then check the BILLING tab to check if the invoice is there.

If you still cannot find the invoice after checking all your other teams, please submit a support request, making sure to include the payer email and/or transaction ID of the purchase so that support can help you locate it.

I Need to Update the Information on the Payment/Invoice

Some of these things you can update in Account Management, if you still have the link to it. NOTE: In case you need to update your buyer information (i.e. company name) or payer email, please send a request to our support team including the information that you would like to and/update. For purchases made via PayPal, you can update this information directly from your PayPal account.  

If there are changes you need to make that you cannot do from Account Management or you cannot find the old link, please submit a support request, making sure to include the payer email and/or transaction ID of the purchase and what you want to change, so that Support can assist you.

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