Troubleshooting No Data Found Errors

Error Text Example:

No data found (Supermetrics request ID: xxxxxxxxxx). If the problem persists report an issue with the connector owner.

The most common reason for this error, especially with Scorecard report objects, is that the query has a comparison set for the date range and that comparison period does not bring back data.

Comparison Date Range setting in DS

Case Example: 

You've created a Scorecard, set the default date range to last 28 days, and set the comparison option to "Previous period".

Your ads have existed for only 1 month.


In this case, the query fetches data for the past two months (date range + comparison range), and if there is not a full set of data for the whole period of time, you will end up with an error.

This functionality is set by Google, and there's unfortunately nothing Supermetrics can do about it. We expect them to improve this soon, as Data Studio is under constant development.


Try changing the date range, and/or removing the comparison.

Comparison Date Range drop-down with None selected

Alternative Causes/Solutions:

It may be that the account selected or date range given really does not contain data. Check your connector main settings to verify the correct accounts/pages have been selected for the data source, and then check your report and report object date settings to make sure the date range is appropriate.

There also have been some rare cases where this error falsely appears when the user's authentication is expired or the connector is out of date. If the prior instructions in this article do not resolve the error, then try the steps in these articles to first refresh the connector settings and then re-authenticate second if the refresh doesn't help.

How do I Refresh Fields/Update a Connector?

How do I Re-Authenticate a Connector?

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