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Ad Data + Google Analytics: Authentication guide

This guide will walk you through how to authenticate or reauthenticate Ad Data + Google Analytics in Data Studio. This is the only destination that supports this data source.

Before you begin

Before you can authenticate Ad Data + Google Analytics in Data Studio, you need to install the Supermetrics add-on

To connect Supermetrics to Ad Data + Google Analytics, you need to meet the requirements set by each data source this connector uses. Follow the steps from the Before you begin sections in these guides:


  1. Open the Supermetrics data source gallery.
  2. Navigate to Ad Data + Google Analytics and click Try.
  3. Click Authorize.
  4. If you're authenticating the data source for the first time, log in with the Google Account you use with Supermetrics. Click Allow.
  5. Click Authorize.
  6. Under Select accounts/views, select your accounts/views.
  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. To create a report with our template, select Use report template for new reports. To create a blank report, deselect this option.
  8. Click Connect on the top right-hand side.
  9. Click Create report.
  10. Click Add to report to complete the authentication steps.

When you're ready, learn how to create your first Supermetrics query with Ad Data + Google Analytics.

Add or remove a user account in Data Studio

  1. Click the edit icon next to the data source's name in the Data Studio sidebar.
  2. At the top left of the connection pane, click Edit connection.
  3. Scroll down to Parameters.
  4. Browse team, account, and license management options in the section beginning "To add more/manage accounts..."


  • If you encounter an authentication error such as “authentication failed”, “you need to reauthenticate” or similar, see this guide
  • If you encounter a permission error such as “user permission denied” or similar, follow this guide.

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