Community connector error: You are using the free version of Supermetrics for Data Studio

This guide applies to the following errors for Supermetrics for Data Studio (note you may need to click on "see details" or directly on the error report element to see this):

"Community connector error: This dashboard is using the free version of Supermetrics for Data Studio - Facebook Insights registered to for team 'My Supermetrics Team' (ID: 123456). Facebook Insights requires the paid version. You can buy a paid license via this link: https://xxxx (Supermetrics request ID: xxxxxx). If the problem persists report an issue with the connector owner.


"Community connector error: You are using the free version of Supermetrics for Data Studio - Google Ads registered to, so you can only report on the last 10 days."

Quick links to the sections below:

This error may mean one or more of the following has happened:

  • Your trial license has expired for that connector (or you are requesting more than the last 10 days if using the "free" version)
  • Your paid license for Data Studio has expired
  • Your paid license is not for Data Studio (you cannot use your Sheets license to access the DS connectors)
  • The Data Studio user belongs to multiple teams and the one currently set to the data source does not have an active license
  • The Data Studio user doesn't belong to the team with the license
  • The Data Studio user's name is an alias or the username changed in some way (like domain change)

You'll note in the error message there is usually a username and a team name listed. Take note of both of these in your own version of the error message as you will need them for the later troubleshooting steps:

This dashboard is using the free version of Supermetrics for Data Studio - Facebook Insights registered to for team 'My Supermetrics Team' (ID: 123456)

Part #1 - Verifying Your Account

  1. Go to
  2. Log into the Team Management site with the user given in the error message.
    • If you cannot log into the Team site, then that user is not a valid email and that may be part of the issue. If the account is an alias (as in, the account resolves to a different email in Gmail/Google) - you must log in with the associated email address and not the display name of the account. The associated email must also be the account listed in the team, not the display name. If you cannot access the Team site due to this and don't have other team members that can add the real account name, please submit a request to support to have them update your user name.
  3. After you log in, check that the currently selected team in the upper-right matches the Team in the error message.
    • If the team name does not match that of the error message, click on Switch team and select the team name that does match from the drop-down. Then go to the step 4 of this section.
    • If the team name does not match AND the team is not listed under Switch team, then perform the steps in this article as the team probably was merged out of existence and the data source was never updated.
    • If the team name does match, go to step 4 of this section.
  4. Go to ACCOUNT → Licences and check that you can see the appropriate license listed.
  5. Verify that the license is still active:
    • If it is a paid license and it is expired, you will need to renew the license. There should be an option there to do so if you are an "Owner" role account. If not, get a team Owner to renew your license.
    • If it is a paid license and it's not expired, check the team name again in the error to make sure you are looking at the right team. If the team is correct, then your data source is probably set to the wrong team. Note the team name of the team with the license, and proceed to Part #2.
    • If the paid license is for the wrong product (such as for Sheets or the wrong individual connector), then you need to purchase the correct license:
    • If it's a trial license and it's expired, you'll need to purchase a license to continue to use the the product:
    • If you cannot find your license in the list, check the team again to make sure you are looking at the right one and Switch team if needed. If you still cannot find it, ask a team member who can see the license or the license owner to check if you are a member of the team (you may not be) and add you to the team
    • If you cannot find the license, cannot find the team with the license, and don't have other team members to assist, please submit a request to support with the error message and the payer email/transaction ID of the license so that support can see what happened with it.

Part #2 - Updating Data Sources to the Correct Team

If you have completed Part #1 and verified that: the Data Studio license is active, you belong to the right team, but the error message shows the wrong team, then you can use these steps to fix the data source so it's using the right team.

  1. In the report in Data Studio, in Edit mode, go to Resource → Manage added data sources.

  2. Find the data source that is having the license error in the list and click on EDIT.
  3. In the field list, click on EDIT CONNECTION.
  4. This will take you back to the main configuration for the data source.
    • If you cannot get to this location, something is greyed out or you get an error that you don't have permissions to edit the data source, you need to either get the owner of the data source file to do this OR create a new data source, and pick the team name with the license when you set it up.
  5. This page should show you which data source user accounts are logged into which team/license, and which of those are expired and active. You will probably see you are logged in under your expired trial team or perhaps a prior expired license, and you will need to update the team to the one found in Part #1.

    In this example, the same user is logged in to one team with an active paid licence and another team with an expired trial license:

  6. Find the link next to "To add more/manage user accounts". Copy and render that in a new tab/window.

  7. You should get the option to select all the teams the Data Studio account you are logged in with belongs to. Click on select to select a specific team.
  8. Click on the team name you saw in the error message, the one that does not have the active license.
  9. Click on the bin icon next to any and all users logged in - this is to remove any unnecessary login under the wrong team.

    Repeat steps 7-9 as needed if you have multiple wrong teams logged in.
  10. Once you have removed/logged out all users under the wrong team(s), render the link "To add more/manage user accounts" one more time.

  11. Now select the team that has the active license and log into the data source using the section option to "Or add a new account". Do this even if the right user is still logged in now. Repeat as necessary, if multiple user accounts need to be logged in.
  12. Reload the main configuration page to confirm that users are only logged in as the team with the active license. In this example, now only one team is logged in and it's the one with the paid license:
  13. Go back to your report and force refresh it with this option:

  14. The community connector trial error should now clear as the data source is now set to the correct team with the paid licenses.
  15. Repeat these steps if you have multiple data sources that were associated with the wrong team.

Note - as an alternative, you can merge the trial team into the paid license team, which means you don't have to make a choice of the team when setting up your data sources. See Merging Teams in Team Management for detailed directions on how to do this.

If you tried the above steps but still continue to get the error, or you have another Situation that needs support to fix (like realizing you bought the wrong connector), please submit a request to support listing what your current state is and what you need. Please clearly note that you already followed this guide so we don't waste time asking you to do it again.

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