How Can I Remove My Account From the Data Studio Connectors?

This guide shows you how to both remove a specific account/page/etc. from the data source, as well as how to remove a user account from Data Studio. The below instructions will use Facebook Ads as an example in the images, but you can use these same steps for any of the Supermetrics Data Studio connectors.

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Removing Accounts From the Data Source

Note: The word "Accounts" is used generically here to mean any account/page/location/view being used in the query. To learn more, please refer to this guide. The naming convention will match what the data source uses in the actual UI. 

  1. Click the "Edit" icon next your Data Source (or click Resource->Managed added data sources and click Edit there).
  2. Click on EDIT CONNECTION.
  3. Find the Select accounts drop-down menu and expand it.
  4. Hand-pick only the accounts you wish to proceed with and, unselect any accounts you no longer wish to use. Please be aware to not select "all accounts" as that feature will automatically select all your accounts. In the example below, the account "Supermetrics" has been selected.
  5. Click RECONNECT to save the changes to the data source and return to the report.

Note: If you are using the option to Allow "Select account:" to be modified in the reports, you need to remove the account from that setting directly in the report instead.

Note: If you need to clear a deleted/old account from the list, please use the re-authentication steps as this will remove any deleted and non-accessable account from the list: How do I Re-Authenticate a Data Studio Connector?

Removing A User Account

  1. Click the "Edit" icon next your Data Source (or click Resource->Managed added data sources and click Edit there).
  2. In the authentication settings for the connector, find and copy the URL given in the "To add more/manage user accounts, visit" section.

  3. Paste this URL into another browser window/tab to navigate to it.
  4. The URL should lead to a page like below. To remove a user account, click the bin icon next to the account.

    If there was any part of the report that depended on this, you will need to update the report to remove the account reference so the report does not break. 
  5. The page will jump back to either the user list or the team selection. Repeat the above steps if you need to remove more user accounts.
  6. If there are no other users to remove, you can close the window and go back to the data source to refresh it. The user list should show the account removed (or if it was the last user account, it will ask you to authorize the data source again so you can log in with a new account).

Removing accounts when unsure where they're used

Should you find you're using more accounts than you remembered you were, there's a simple method for finding out where they're used and stopping it fast:

  1. On you will find a list of all accounts you're using, even showing the data source connection names in question

  2. On you can list all documents you use the accounts with, or even remove the data source from your list of added ones (Note! Removing one will break reports using it). 

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