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X Public Data (Twitter) connection guide

This guide contains all permissions and requirements for connecting your X Public Data (Twitter) data to Supermetrics.

You can connect to data sources from the Data sources page on the Supermetrics Hub. On the Hub, you can also share an authentication link to connect to a data source you don't have direct access to.

After you connect to the data source on the Hub, you can use the data source connection in all available destinations.

Required permissions

You'll need the following items to successfully log in to and use the Supermetrics connector for X Public Data (Twitter) data source:

  • A Twitter developer account 
  • A live Twitter application (app) tied to your developer account
  • A valid subscription to Twitter's Basic API access (100 USD a month)
    • Twitter's Pro API access will also work and provides additional tweet fetching limits (5K USD a month)
  • Twitter API key and API key secret for that app so you can log in to Supermetrics

Step 1: Create Twitter developer account

If you do not have one already, the first step is to create the developer account that will be linked to your Twitter Basic subscription and your app that will be used by the data source.

  1. Go to Twitter Developer Platform.
  2. Log in with the Twitter profile you want to have your Basic API subscription attached to.
    This should automatically create a developer account for your profile.
  3. If you check your Twitter Developer Portal dashboard now, you should have a project and an app with the Free tier.
Step 2: Get Basic API access to Twitter

Once you have your developer account, now you can start the process of subscribing to Twitter's Basic API access. This level of API access will cost 100 USD a month to maintain and is required to use the X Public Data (Twitter) data source.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Subscribe.
  3. Fill in the Describe all of your use cases of Twitter’s data and API box with following:
    The API access will be used to fetch reporting and analytics data for Twitter profiles using Supermetrics in order to automate manual reporting activities. The data will be used for marketing purposes to understand how profile follower base evolves and which tweets are performing the best.
  4. Check the boxes to agree to their terms and conditions. 
  5. Click Submit to continue.
  6. Add your credit card information that will be used for the recurring 100 USD fee. 
  7. Click Save payment method.
  8. Your Twitter Products dashboard will now update to show you have Basic access.
Step 3: Get your API keys
  1. Go back to your Twitter Developer Portal dashboard.
  2. You should see one project and one project app. 
  3. On the project app, click the key icon to open the Keys and tokens panel.
  4. Under the Consume Keys section, click Regenerate.
  5. You'll get a popup with your API key and API key secret. Copy them for later use — these two values are what is needed to log in to the X Public Data (Twitter) data source.

Store the API key and API key secret securely

Treat the API key and API key secret like a username and password. Save them securely, such as in a password vault, in case you need to reconnect later. This information is only shown once — if you lose them, you'll need to regenerate them and log in to the data source again with the new keys.

With your API key and API key secret saved, you're now ready to log in to the data source.

Query types

Query types define what sort of metrics and dimensions are available. You need to select one of the following query types when pulling data:

  • Twitter tweets by keyword: Search Tweets from up to the last 7 days for specific keyword and tags.
  • Twitter user data: Get Twitter profile-level metrics and metadata.
  • Twitter user tweets: Get up to 3200 latest tweets from requested public profiles with basic engagement metrics.

Connection instructions

When connecting to X Public Data (Twitter), you need to provide your Twitter App credentials and select the accounts and query type to use when prompted. 

  1. Select the X Public Data (Twitter) data source on the Supermetrics Hub or in the data destination.
  2. Enter your Twitter app's API key, API key secret, and app name.
  3. If prompted, choose to make this connection shared or private.
  4. Click Start.
  5. In your data destination, select the accounts to include in your reporting and a query type to use.

See detailed instructions on how to connect to a data source from the Supermetrics Hub.

You can also connect to X Public Data (Twitter) from these destinations:

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