Sum Value Not Calculating With Date Range

Hey, I have created a blended data source between two different Google Ads accounts, I now want to create a scorecard that shows the total value something (like clicks, cost, impressions etc).

I have got this working (to a certain extent) by renaming the fields in the blended source so that I can easily add them together as a calculated field, the sum looks like this:


This works in the scorecard for a particular day, but it is not aggregated to show the correct sum for a date range.

Any ideas? I can provide more info is necessary.

  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Generally we can't offer in depth support for calculated fields or blending features, hence the disclaimer below. However we are willing to review your file if we can spot the issue within our abilities.

    We've sent you a private message in order to request some details of the dashboard configuration.

    Please be aware that we do not offer in-depth troubleshooting for data blending issues. As the feature is part of Data Studio and not our tool and most issues are from the data blending behaviour and not our connectors, it's generally out of scope. If there are issues with the data or behaviour from the data sources when used alone, we can help with that. But if it only happens in the blend, we kindly ask you to seek additional help for data blending from the user forums for Data Studio:

    Kind regards

    Supermetrics Support

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