Issues with Billing?

Anyone have issues with billing? After our yearly commitment was up, we were supposed to go to month to month billing, but instead of getting that, we just have a "trial expired" (but we were charged originally in December). As of Jan, we weren't charged and our "trial" expired again. I haven't heard back from Kyle the rep that originally gave us the pricing. Here's what I heard back from the support team earlier in Jan: 

"It seems like there has been some technical problem with our system that doesn't renew the licenses even though the payment has been successfully processed. We manually extended your licenses for 1 month according to the invoice (see attachment). In the meantime, we will try to investigate what could've been the issue and do our best to prevent this from happening again."

I can't seem to get a response from support (emailed them yesterday) so just wondering if anyone else had this same issue? 

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