Multiple GA view IDs in 1 query


For Supermetrics Functions, does anyone know whether it's possible to list multiple GA view IDs in one query (like in Supermetrics for Google Sheets)? If yes, could you provide an example?

Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Timo,

    it's possible to add multiple profile Id's like this:


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    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hi, this questions might have a different approach but it is related to SM multi-view queries, hope you can help me:

    I have just noticed when I create a query  with multi-views (10 account/views)  and using "Year today" as date range, only loads data from jan 1st to apr 10th (100 days), is there date range limit for data using multi-view in Query?

  • Hi! Can you please send us a private ticket about this and we'll investigate it. Thanks!

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    -Supermetrics Team