Bing Ads - Auto-tagging & AdGroup & AdContent


When using auto-tagging in Bing Ads, bing ads sends the ad group along as utm_content. I mean this setting right here:


I know this isn't really correct, but it's what Bing Ads does. When importing the cost data, it doesn't match with this item because Supermetrics Uploader tries to send it to ad group.

Is there a way I can let Supermetrics Uploader match with the utm_content that is automatically being added by Bing Ads? Or can you adjust so that when the auto-tagging setting is on, it uses ga:adContent instead of ga:adGroup?

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  • 4 years on this is still an issue. I am seeing the utm_content parameter used as ga:adGroup in the upload file instead of ga:adContent, which means clicks and sessions only line up for campaigns, but not once you want to look at individual ads! What's more, ga:adContent is included in the upload, but is populating that column with the ad-id...

    The behavior of utm parameters overwriting source, medium, and campaign should extend to the utm_content parameters as well.

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