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Changes to Sprout Social data source connector — June 2023

What's happening

We've simplified the authentication flow in our Sprout Social data source connector, as well as updated several field names. We have also added new fields for both of the query types. 

These changes may have an impact on your queries.

You'll see these changes in Supermetrics starting on June 21, 2023.

Authentication changes

When authenticating with Sprout Social, you no longer need to fill in the Customer ID, as we're now fetching the ID automatically. Take a look at our Sprout Social connection guide to learn more about authentication.

Query type changes

We've changed the names of the query types to better describe their purpose:

  • Posts query type has been renamed Post performance
  • Tags query type has been renamed Tag performance

We've also added time zone selection for the Post performance query type. You can use the time zone selection to return posts for the chosen date range using your preferred time zone.

Field changes

Field name changes

The following fields have changed their names.


Old name New name
Lifetime comments countComments
Lifetime CTRCTR
Lifetime engagementsEngagements
Lifetime impressionsImpressions
Lifetime likesLikes
Lifetime post clicksPost clicks (all)
Lifetime reachReach
Lifetime reactionsReactions
Lifetime shares countShares
Lifetime video viewsVideo views


Old nameNew name
Customer profile groupsProfile groups IDs
Customer profile IDSprout profile ID
Customer profile linkProfile link
Customer profile nameProfile name
Customer profile native IDProfile native ID
Native customer profile nameNative profile name
NetworkPost network
Network typeProfile network type
Post content typesPost content type
Post sender emailSender email
Post sender first nameSender first name
Post sender IDSender ID
Post sender last nameSender last name
Post typesPost type
Tag idTag ID
New fields

The following new fields are available for the Post performance query type:

  • Metrics:
    • Impressions (follow)
    • Impressions (for you)
    • Impressions (hashtag)
    • Impressions (personal profile)
    • Impressions (sound)
    • Impressions (unspecified)
    • Saves
    • Story exits
    • Story taps back
    • Story taps forward
    • Video length
    • Video view time
  • Dimensions:
    • Author ID
    • Author name
    • Author profile picture
    • Author screen name
    • Display URL
    • Media type
    • Media URL
    • Post category
    • Post clickthrough link
    • Post hashtags
    • Post title
    • Thumbnail URL

The following new fields are available for the Tag performance query type:

  • Dimensions:
    • Profile name
    • Profile network type
    • Sprout profile ID

What you need to do

To continue using the Sprout Social connector, you need to re-authenticate your connection to Sprout Social and possibly build your queries again. Our Sprout Social connection guide will help you to re-authenticate.

We're here for you

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, contact our support team.

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