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How to use ChatGPT with Facebook Ads to improve your ad copy


The closed beta phase of the ChatGPT integration has ended, and the integration is being enhanced based on user feedback. Stay tuned regarding future availability.

You can use the ChatGPT dimensions for your Facebook Ads data to get suggestions on how to improve your ad body text.

Note that during the limited availability of this feature, the amount of data you can process with the ChatGPT integration is limited.

Available ChatGPT dimensions

Field name
Ad body fixed (Open AI)

Automatically corrects certain mistakes, such as punctuation errors and spelling mistakes.

Ad body mistakes (Open AI)

Gives the categories of mistakes that were fixed.

Ad body topic (Open AI)

Detects the topic that your ad copy is about.

Ad body summarize (Open AI)

Summarizes your ad copy.

Ad body sentiment (Open AI)

Detects the sentiment of your copy. Such as is your copy positive, motivating, or inspiring.

Ad body evaluation (Open AI)

Evaluates how well your original ad copy performs its function as ad copy.

Ad body improvement ideas (Open AI)

Gives a numbered list of suggestions on how you could make your ad copy even better.


  1. In the Supermetrics sidebar, click Create new query.
  2. Select the Facebook Ads data source.
  3. Select the accounts you’d like to include in the query.
  4. Set a date range.
  5. Select a metric, such as Impressions.
  6. Select dimensions to fetch data about your ad text, such as Campaign name, Ad set name, Ad name, and Ad body.
  7. In addition, select the ChatGPT dimensions to get the ChatGPT suggestions.
  8. Click Get data to table.

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