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LinkedIn Ads field deprecation - July 31, 2022

On July 31, 2022, we will be deprecating the Reach field in our LinkedIn Ads data source. This is due to LinkedIn no longer supporting that field, and replacing it with a new set of reach based fields to use instead.

The new reach fields are:

  • Reach 1 day
  • Reach 7 day
  • Reach 30 day

To keep your reports running smoothly, you should remove or replace the Reach field before July 31.

In addition, we also added these fields that were part of the same API update:

  • Frequency 1 day
  • Frequency 7 day
  • Frequency 30 day
  • Cost per reach 1 day
  • Cost per reach 7 day
  • Cost per reach 30 day


These new fields are only compatible with campaign level data. They cannot be used with account level or creative level data.

They also have special behavior when used over a longer date range, that it will take the average of each interval within the date range.

For example: 

If you were using Reach 1 day and had a the date range set to last 3 days, it would be the average of the daily value for those three days. 

If you were using Reach 7 day and the date range was set to last 3 days (07/16, 07/17, and 07/18), then it would be the average of each 7 day reach on those days. So the average of these 7 day reach periods 07/10-07/16, 07/11-07/17, and 07/12-07/18.

At this time, the LinkedIn Ad Manager UI is still showing the older reach metric and these new reach metrics do not align with it. We assume LinkedIn will update their UI in time for the retirement of the original reach field on July 31.

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