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How to connect Supermetrics to

Connect Supermetrics to to start pulling your marketing data directly into your boards. Learn more about our integration.

Before you begin

Using the template

Our template includes all data sources we currently connect to, and can be modified at any time. For example, you can delete any data sources you don’t want to use.

You can edit columns and make other adjustments to our template as you need. Notifications — for when budgets are spent, or when click-through rates drop, for example — are especially useful. Learn more about boards in’s documentation.

Using recipes

Our integrations use’s recipes — a type of workflow automation — to make it easy to create and define the queries that you’ll use to pull your marketing data into Learn more about recipes.

When you connect a data source to with Supermetrics, you’ll create two recipes.

  • One recipe to retrieve all your campaign data for a chosen time period, so you can compare your different campaigns and how they're performing. 
  • One recipe to drill into the data for a specific campaign by date range and time interval.


  1. Install the Supermetrics app from the marketplace.
  2. Open the template.
  3. Open the Supermetrics configuration dashboard.
  4. Log in to your data sources with the accounts you want to use to pull data into

When you’re ready, use recipes to define the data you want to pull. Learn more about recipes.

Manage team members

Manage team members and sharing settings for our integration in the Supermetrics Team Site.

  1. Log in to the Team Site.
  2. Click
  3. You’ll see each connected account and its sharing settings.

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