Facebook Ad Library - Account verification and developer app creation

This guide gives instructions on access requirements and steps to follow before authenticating the Facebook Ad Library data source with Supermetrics.  

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Identity Confirmation

To confirm your identity on Facebook settings, please do the following steps:1. Go to Settings --> General Account Settings --> and under Identity Confirmation, click on view.

2. Click on Start Identity Confirmation to proceed. 

3. Select the country you wish to run your ads, and click on Get Started

4. You will now be asked to set up the two-factor authentication, to proceed, click on Get Started

5. Select a security method (app, text message, or security key) to set up your two-factor authentication code, and click on continue

6. Once you have set up your security method, click on done

7.  Choose how to confirm your identity by uploading your ID or downloading a form, and click on next

8. Once you have confirmed your identity, click on finish

Creating a Facebook Developer Application 

Register as a Facebook developer following these instructions (steps below) and by using the same Facebook account you have verified earlier.

1. Go to the Facebook for Developers website and click Get Started.

2. Click Continue to agree to Facebook's Platform Terms and Developer Policies.

3. Verify your account (email address), and click on Confirm Email

4. Select your occupation and click on Complete Registration

Create a developer app by following these instructions (steps below).

1. Click on create app

2. Select an app type and click on continue.

App type = Business

App Display Name = Can be anything, for example Supermetrics Ad Library

App Contact Email = your email

App purpose = Yourself or your own business

Business Manager account = No business manager account selected


3. Set your app name and email, and click on create app to confirm. 

Add login to your newly created app

1. Click your newly created app to go to the Dashboard of your new app.

2. Scroll down until you see the section Add Products to Your App. Find Facebook Login and click Set up.

Switch public_profile to Advanced access.

1. From the left navigation, go to App Review > Permissions and Features

2. Scroll down to find public_profile. Click Get Advanced Access next to public_profile.

3. Agree to the Terms & Conditions and click Confirm. It might also ask to insert your Facebook password to confirm. 

Add login redirect URL to Facebook Login

1. From the left navigation, go to Facebook Login > Settings

2. To Valid OAuth Redirect URIs input field, add this URL: https://supermetrics.com/login-complete. Click on Save Changes to confirm.  

Now you have created a developer application to your Facebook profile and you can log in to our Facebook Ad Library connector using your regular Facebook profile.

To proceed, and authenticate the Facebook Ad Library data source with Supermetrics for Google Sheets, Data Studio and Microsoft Excel, follow this guide:

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