Google Ads "Ad Type" Field Behavior Change - May 12th, 2021

Google Ads has been in the process of sunsetting the "Ad format" field from the AdWords API and will complete the changes by May 12th, 2021. Any usage of that field from that point forward will return an UNKNOWN value.

What this means for the Supermetrics Google Ads data source:

We do use this field for queries that meet the requirements for some report types, but we use the display name "Ad type", even if it's really "Ad format". Unfortunately, the way this was implemented makes it more difficult to tell which version of the field is being used. We apologize that is the case and hope the information below helps in identifying if you are affected.

The affected report types from the AdWords API are:


If the Supermetrics query replicates one of those reports, then it will be using the "Ad format" field and will return UNKNOWN instead of original values as of May 12th. Queries should not break, but the returned data will no longer be valuable and you should consider removing that dimension from the query.

If it is not one of those reports and is using the actual "Ad type" field, it should continue to work and return expected values.

For more information, see Google's blog post about the changes:

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