Google Ads - Querying for "App Campaign for Engagement" Data

We now support the ability to gather data for "App Campaigns for Engagement" in Google Ads. This requires a specific modification to the query to work, and has some other special considerations with what data is returned.

How to Query for App Campaigns for Engagement

As this data can only be obtained through the newer Google Ads API, we have implemented special logic that will fetching campaign performance data from that API when including specific fields. 

So to query for "App Campaigns for Engagement" data, you MUST include at least one of the following dimensions in your query:

  • App campaign app ID
  • App campaign app store
  • App campaign bidding strategy goal type

If you do not include one of these fields, it will fetch data from the AdWords API and have the same limitations as before. In some cases, the fields might not return data (depends on campaign type), but still need to be included to use the newer API.

Other Notable Changes

As the data will be pulled from the Google Ads API, there are some changes to some of the fields' behavior that is different than before.

First, the Google Ads API does not support the feature to "Include Zero Impressions", so we are replicated that behavior ourselves by filtering the data if "Enable zero impression rows" is not checked. It works slightly differently than the native feature in AdWords API, so there may be slight differences in how the data is returned.

Second, some metrics used to natively report as "< 10%" from the AdWords API. Those are now reported as their actual values in this setup.

Third, some dimensions will report slightly different (and often more current) values that what the AdWords API reports. These fields specifically are affected, if you have any filtering or formulas that key off those values, you may need to adjust them to work with what the new API returns:

  • Advertising channel type
  • Advertising channel sub type
  • Campaign status
  • Campaign serving status
  • Bidding strategy type
  • Budget status
  • Slot
  • Click type
  • Device
  • Network/Network with search partners (now is one field in new API)

If you are combining data from this special setup to get the App Campaigns for Engagement and normal campaign data, the values for these fields may not align.

Fourth, not all fields that can be supported by the new API are for Campaigns. We will be adding those as we go through other missing campaigns.

Last, the Google Ads API does not support "Legacy App Campaigns (Installs)".

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