Query failed: ScriptError. Try using Google Sheets logged in with just one Google account.

This guide describes some common scenarios where the following error may occur: 

Query failed: ScriptError. Try using Google Sheets logged in with just one Google account.

Scenario 1 - Multiple Google accounts issue

This error occurs if you are logged into Google services with multiple accounts. It's functionally a variation on the known account management bug with multi-user login issues (see bug tracker). 


To sum up, please note that there are two possible alternative solutions: 
  • to log out all users from Google in your browser except for the one account attached to the Supermetrics license. Then log in again, but only with one Google account;
  • if logging out all users is a hassle, you can also use the sidebar in Incognito/private browsing. Make sure that you log in with only ONE Google account (else the issue continues there too).
To learn more, please refer to this guide.

Scenario 2 - The query data has reached the row limit imposed by Google Sheets

Google Sheets imposes some limitations on how much data you can have in a single Spreadsheet. This error occurs when your sheet (the whole file) has so many cells populated with data that the new query results would push the populated cell number over that limit, and for this reason, the query is aborted.


The solution is to create and run the query in a new file or remove unnecessary data from the current file to make more space for new data.

How to remove cells?
Simply choose the unnecessary columns and delete them. Then repeat the same for the unnecessary rows. You can always add more columns and rows if needed. If you remove columns or rows that had data you needed by accident, go to File --> Version history --> See version history, and find & restore a working version.

Google Sheets counts even empty cells towards this limit, so a good trick to get more data to your Sheet is to remove unnecessary rows & columns from tabs where you do not need them. To learn more, please refer to this guide under the section "Spreadsheets."

Scenario 3 - The AppScript or add-on is conflicting with Supermetrics products 

This error occurs when your own AppScript or another add-on is conflicting with the Supermetrics products. 


To fix this error, clear your cache/browser cookies. To do so, go to the top-right menu, and depending on the browser you are connected with, you should see something similar to this: more tools --> clear browsing data. Once you have done those steps, reset the add-on by following this guide.

Further assistance 

In addition to the above scenarios, there may be other unknown reasons why the error may occur.

If you continue to have issues after trying the above actions, please submit a request to support with the details of the issue, and we will assist you.

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