Access requirements to configure a data transfer in Big Query

This guide will walk you through the criteria & access requirements to configure a data transfer in Big Query.

BigQuery permissions 

To grant Admin access permissions 

BigQuery requires a predefined role to create transfers and datasets. If applicable, granting the Google Cloud Platform role "BigQuery Admin" is the easiest option, please see this step-by-step guide

However, you can also create custom roles for a more tailored approach. As an example, you can set the custom role with the following permissions: "bigquery.transfer.get" and “bigquery.transfer.update", and assigned it to a user on a project level with "BigQuery Data Owner" or "BigQuery Admin" role on Dataset level. 

License-level permissions

Supermetrics for BigQuery licenses requires that you assign specific user accounts to the license & team to grant them access to use it. Please refer to this guide about BigQuery licensing. 

Data Source Permissions

To authenticate one or multiple data sources to Supermetrics for BigQuery you must meet the data source access requirements, meaning the user role level assigned to business account(s) you are fetching data from. Please refer to this list for general data source access requirements.

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