How to Query for Specific Conversions in Google Ads

You can use the following basic query setup to get the names of conversions and/or their category.

Metrics: Conversions

Dimensions: Conversion type or Conversion category

Example query in Google Sheets:

Example query in Google Sheets sidebar, showing the results for the Conversion type name, Conversion category, and Conversion metric

We also support the "Conversion tracker ID" and "External conversion source" dimensions to get additional details about specific dimensions.

Warning! Many other metrics are not compatible with these Conversion-based dimensions so you won't be able to query them at the same time. If you are unsure what is supported, you can lookup the conversion dimensions here and check under the "Not compatible with the following fields:" section of the field description.

Please be aware that as we are using the older AdWords API, we do not have the new Conversion category types available. We will address this when we migrate to the newer Google Ads API in 2021. Please see this article for more information: Google Ads Conversion Category Changes - October 15th, 2020

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