Google Ads Conversion Category Changes - October 15th, 2020

Google Ads will be automatically updating any conversion actions not already changed to the new conversion categories on October 15th, 2020. However, they will not be updating the AdWords API to use the new categories, so Supermetrics will continue to show the original values. Unfortunately, this means that the category seen in the Google Ads reporting UI will not match what is returned by Supermetrics, as we are still using the AdWords API.

We are currently not planning to update the existing values as many of the old categories now could be any number of values in the new system and the older API provides no means to tell which is which, so we would not be able accurately convert them. This instead would be addressed when we upgrade to the new Google Ads API in H2 of 2021 (schedule subject to change), which does support the new categories.

Details about the change, as well as a mapping of the new categories to the old are here:

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