How to Connect with Facebook Audience Network

To connect Supermetrics to Facebook Audience Network, you will need to create an App, setup a system user account, and finally generate a user access token. You will then use this user token to connect with Supermetrics. 

The instructions below will guide you through the full process to get the user tokens needed to connect.

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Before You Begin

This connector requires that you have a valid Facebook user account and a valid Facebook Business Manager account that is connected to an Audience Network property. 

Your Facebook user account must have admin privileges to the Business Manager you wish to connect to, as this is required to add the app and system user.

This process will generate access tokens that are basically user credentials to access your Facebook Audience Network data. Protect the access tokens like you would a password!

Step #1 - Setting Up Your App

To get started, you only need to create a basic app and use it in development mode. These instructions only over the basic app setup. However, if you go through the process to complete and get your app approved for your business following Facebook's App Review process, you will gain additional request quota, which may be necessary if you need to make a lot of requests for Audience Network data.

  1. Log into Facebook for Developers with your Facebook user account.
    • This Facebook user should be an admin of the Business Manager account you will be connecting the app with later, as it will make the process faster.
  2. Click Add a New App.

    Orange arrow points to light grey text on developer start page to "Add a New App"

  3. Add a meaningful Display Name for your app and contact email. Click Create App ID.

    Create new App ID dialog shows options to add an app "Display Name", "Contact Email". Orange arrow points to "Create App ID" button to create the app

  4. This will create a new app and it should redirect you to the app's dashboard. Copy your APP ID found near the top for the next steps.

    Orange arrow points to the "APP ID" section in the app dashboard. Copy this for the next steps

  5. Log into the Business Manager with the properties you want to pull data from with Supermetrics. Follow these steps to connect your newly created app to the Business Manager:
  6. You will now be able to proceed to Step #2 - Creating the System User and Access Token.

Step #2 - Creating the System User and Access Token

With the app created and connected to your Business Manager account, you can now create the System User account, link it to your properties, and generate the access token needed for connecting through Supermetrics.

  1. Open the Business Manager Settings.
  2. Follow Steps 1 - 4 of this guide to setup and configure the System User and obtain the access token:
    • IMPORTANT- Step 4d of the above guide instructs you to add the 'read_audience_network_insights' scope. You also need to add 'business_management' scope.

      Scope selection for the access token, with 'business_management' and 'read_audience_network_insights' highlighted in red

  3. Copy the access key shown in Step 4.e of the guide, you will need this for configuring the Supermetrics connection in the next section.

Step #3 - Connecting Supermetrics to Facebook Audience Network

Once you have obtained the access key for the System User linked to your properties, you can now connect Supermetrics to your Facebook Audience Network data.

  1. Open your Supermetrics product and click on the Facebook Audience Network data source.
  2. A new window should open asking you for the two parts for authentication that you obtained at the end of setting up you API keys: API Key and API Secret. Fill those and click START  to continue with the authentication process.

    Example authentication form for Supermetrics showing the 2 needed fields to connect to your Audience Network data.

  3. You are now ready to create queries with the Facebook Audience Network connector!

Further Assistance

If you have issues with the Supermetrics connection part of the process, please create a new support request with the details of the issue and we will assist you.

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