Discrepancies with Twitter Premium Results

This guide will cover the most commonly seen kinds of discrepancies seen when querying Twitter Premium data. Unless specified in the section, all guidance within should apply to all Supermetrics products that support the Twitter Premium connector.

Quick links to specific issues below:

Not All Tweets are Shown

The API will pull up to 3200 of the most recent Tweets (so starts from "today" and counts backwards in time), so if the user is very prolific and posts multiple times a day, you may not be able to get everything.

Also keep in mind that we currently can only fetch up to the last 90 days of published Tweets, so Tweets made outside of that will not be available in the data.

Impressions Do Not Match Analytics Dashboard

The Analytics Dashboard reflects the data "By day" and it will differ from the Supermetrics connectors results because we employ the Current Totals endpoint of the Twitter API. Please download a report "By tweet" to have the numbers match up to what our connector pulls.

There's also a known discrepancy that can occur due to the fact that we can only pull published Tweets from the last 90 days. That means that any engagement data will only be for within that window. However, the Twitter Analytics dashboard can show data from Tweets beyond 90 days, which can make our values appear incorrect. This is not the case, we are simply limited to interactions in the past 90 days.

In addition, even though the Twitter Analytics dashboard is "real-time", it can fluctuate up to 36 hours, as seen in this Twitter documentation (check "Are tweet metrics updated in real-time?")

Video results in exported report are different from Supermetrics report

As mentioned above, if you export the report from Twitter Analytics (TA) "per day", the results will be divided by day and this will cause them to appear differently from the Supermetrics results. Our connector shows results "per tweet"/"per video". Please export the report from TA  "per video" to have them match.

Escalating to Support

If you've checked everything above and you still believe that Supermetrics has a discrepancy with the results in Twitter Analytics UI, then please gather the following information and place it in a new Support request:

  • Give support@supermetrics.com EDIT access to the report file and then provide the URL to the report.
  • Pull the Analytics export report for the Tweet Activity. Make sure the date range for this matches your query so we can be sure we are comparing the same data.

    Example of the Twitter Analytics reporting - "Export Data" option from the UI is highlighted by an orange box

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