How to Assign Users to Your Data Studio License

Supermetrics for Data Studio licenses now require that you assign specific user accounts to the license to grant them access to use it. Below are instructions for how to add and remove accounts to grant them access.

NOTE: These steps can only be done by an "Admin" / "Owner" role in Team Management.

  1. Log into
  2. Click LICENSES.
  3. Find the active Data Studio license(s) in the "Paid" list and click Manage.

    Orange arrow points to "Manage" button on the Supermetrics for Data Studio license

  4. Under "Users" click on Manage Users.

    IMPORTANT: When trying to assign your Data Studio license, you might see the following error message appear on your screen: "Cannot execute query: License update failed." This means that you have reached the number of modification attempts available. For more information, please contact our support team

  5. Click the drop-down under "Assign license:" to view who is currently assigned, and make changes accordingly.
    • Add a user: Click on the team member name to highlight them in blue and select them to use this license. (If an account is not on the team yet and you need to add them in this section, follow these instructions first.)
    • Remove a user: Click on the "X" next to the user name to remove them from this license.
  6. Click OK when finished adding/removing accounts, to save the configuration.

IMPORTANT: Please note that there can be a delay of up to an hour before the assigning takes effect and the error message is removed from your report. Our apologies for this inconvenience.

If you continue to see the error: 

There's a known issue where this error occurs first and covers up the actual issue, license expired errors. Please follow these steps to verify the license is valid and to check if you need to update the team used for the data source file, as it does not update from your trial team to the paid team automatically:

Community connector error: You are using the free version of Supermetrics for Data Studio

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