How Do I Upload Historical Data with Supermetrics Uploader?

Supermetrics Uploader allows paid license holders to schedule historical data uploads.

When configuring the upload source, if you have a paid license, you will have the option to select "Schedule upload of historical data since" and set the date at which to start from:

Example configuration showing the option to "Schedule upload of historical data since" enabled and the date set to January 2018.

The Uploader will then add past days in chunks to the destination Google Analytics property. Not all data may be uploaded at once from the past - it make take several days before everything is present.

Note that this feature is not available to trial accounts. You will need to purchase a license to unlock it.

You cannot update an existing configuration to add this. You will need to delete the configuration and recreate it with the option enabled to allow for historically dta to be uploaded.

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