LinkedIn Pages Updates Feb. 2019

2019-02-27 - The LinkedIn Pages connector has been updated to use v2 of the API.

The following fields are marked to be deprecated as they are no longer in the API. Please note that these fields will be removed March 1st as the API they were running under will be gone so please update your reports to remove them:

  • Job position (deprecated)
  • Job description (deprecated)
  • Job action (deprecated)
  • Job URL (deprecated)
  • Job location (deprecated)
  • Job ID (deprecated)
  • Job likable (deprecated)
  • Job commentable (deprecated)
  • Job type code (deprecated)
  • Job key (deprecated)
  • Follower trend (deprecated)
  • Organic followers (deprecated)
  • Sponsored followers (deprecated)
  • Jobs (deprecated)
  • Paid followers (deprecated)

The following fields have been added:

  • New followers
  • New organic followers
  • New sponsored followers
  • Total impressions
  • Total unique impressions
  • Total clicks
  • Total likes
  • Total comments
  • Total shares
  • Total engagements
  • Total engagement rate (%)

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