Google Ad Manager Updates Jan. 2019


The proper "Total Impressions" field was not exposed before. To fix this, the original "Impressions" field has been renamed to "Total impressions (deprecated)". There is now a new "Total Impressions" field that has the correct information.


The following fields have been marked as "deprecated" and will no longer return values. They will be removed Feb 26th, 2019, so please update your queries.

  • Mediation Impressions (deprecated)
  • Mediation Estimated Revenue (deprecated)
  • Mediation eCPM (deprecated)
  • Mediation group ID (deprecated)
  • Mediation group (deprecated)
  • Mediation network (deprecated)
  • Mediation network tag (deprecated)

"TOTAL_INVENTORY_LEVEL"-* metrics were marked as deprecated in the API and replaced with "TOTAL_LINE_ITEM_LEVEL"-* metrics instead. We kept the old names and aliased them to instead reference the "TOTAL_LINE_ITEM_LEVEL"-* versions so that existing queries do not break.

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