Report Scheduling with Tableau

Generally, Tableau can schedule reports to be refreshed in Tableau Online or Tableau Server (usually used in larger corporations), however there are some limitations of the refreshing web connectors.

Unfortunately, Tableau Online does not support web connector refreshing, so this cannot be used to refresh the Supermetrics API connections. The report can be published and shared with others in the Online version, but data will need to be manually refreshed from the Desktop version to update the reports.

Tableau Server

If you use Tableau Server and would like to schedule a refresh for your published reports, you need to first whitelist the Supermetrics Web Data Connector (SM WDC) and API endpoint, and then restart Tableau Server.

1. Run the following command to whitelist SM WDC:

tsm data-access web-data-connectors add --name "SM WDC" --url --secondary*),*)
  • If you are using Windows CMD, you may need to remove the apostrophes (') for the whitelisting to work correctly. 

You may also need to allow refreshes to the whitelisted WDC with the following command:

tsm data-access web-data-connectors allow -r true

2. To deploy the changes, restart Tableau Server with the following command:

tsm pending-changes apply

3. Once Tableau Server has been restarted, you can confirm that the WDC was added to whitelist by running:
tsm data-access web-data-connectors list

After whitelisting the SM WDC you should be able to automate your report refreshes in Tableau Server.

More information about web data connectors in Tableau Server, see Tableau Help:

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