What Does "Number of Accounts Per Data Source" Mean?

Supermetrics uses the word "accounts" as a catch-all term to describe an account in a data source.

For example, Facebook Ads uses "accounts," while Google Analytics uses "views," and Instagram Insights uses "profiles." In Supermetrics, each of these is referred to as an "account."

Our full list of data source account names offers clarity on how each data source refers to its accounts.

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About accounts

Any accounts that you use to connect your data source to Supermetrics count towards the number of accounts used in your license. 

Account limits

10 accounts per data source are included in your license by default with the 2021 pricing model

10 additional accounts can be added in the upgrade flow, at 10€/$ per account.  

More than 20: To purchase more than 20 accounts per data source click on Contact Sales, to request a custom quote.

10 accounts per data source is referred for example to 10 accounts for Facebook Ads, 10 accounts for LinkedIn Ads, 10 accounts for Instagram Insights, and so on.

Some data sources have no account limitations:

No limitations
Custom JSON/CSVDatabaseFacebook Public DataGoogle BigQuery
Instagram Public DataMozPinterest Public DataReddit Public DataSEMRush Analytics
SearchmetricsSnowflakeTumblr Public DataTwitter Public DataVKontakte Public Data
Vimeo Public DataYouTube

Premium data sources

Premium data sources — enterprise-level tools with extra features — can only be purchased with a custom plan. Contact us to get set up.

Manage your accounts

Track your quota

  1. Log in to the Team Site.
  2. Click Choose license. Select the license you'd like to view from the dropdown menu.
  3. Navigate to Accounts per data source in the lower left corner. The data sources you're using will be listed next to the highest daily number of accounts used in each in the last 30 days.

Add accounts

If you'd like to add more accounts to your license, use the Supermetrics Team Site to upgrade. Or, you can contact our sales team for a custom quote.

Remove accounts

You can remove accounts at any time.

  • For Data Studio, follow these instructions.
  • For Google Sheets, manually review each query in your Sheet. Check which accounts are used in each query, and modify as needed.

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