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About Supermetrics Uploader

Supermetrics Uploader seamlessly transfers your Microsoft Advertising and Facebook Ads data to Google Analytics. It does this automatically, once a day. If you use a CSV, the transfer only takes an hour.

Supermetrics doesn’t permanently store this data. It stays on our servers for up to 24 hours, allowing you to review what’s been uploaded in the past day.

Log in

Log in to Supermetrics Uploader to get started. A free 14-day trial will begin when you log in for the first time.

Note that if you change your Microsoft Advertising username or password, all uploads scheduled with your old credentials will break. To solve this, log in with your new credentials, delete the old uploads, and reschedule new ones.

Manage your data

Find your data in Google Analytics

You can find the data in the Acquisition: Campaigns: Cost Analysis report and any other reports that include ad cost, impressions or clicks. You can also access the data using any reporting tools that access the Google Analytics API, such as Supermetrics for Google Drive.

New data and overwriting

Supermetrics Uploader always overwrites any previous uploads for the same date and same custom data source that have the same dimension values. 

If you want to ensure no previously uploaded data is overwritten, you should create a separate custom data source to be used with Supermetrics Uploader.

Available fields

Depending on the data source, Supermetrics Uploader uploads fields including Date, Campaign name, Campaign ID, Keyword, Impressions, Click, Cost, and more.

Uploads from CSV files offer a wider selection of fields, including matched search query, Ad content, Referral path, Display URL, and more.

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