Can I See/Edit All of the Queries That I've Created?

Yes, you can! All the queries that you have created in a Google Sheet file can be found within "SupermetricsQueries" tab. Note that this only shows the queries related to that file specifically, there's no master list for all queries in all files.

This tab is hidden by default, so to see it click Add-ons->Supermetrics->Manage queries.

The queries are organized in rows starting at row 21.

For example:

Example of some query configuration rows in the SupermetricsQueries tab.

You can edit the configuration of queries directly here - by updating an element and refreshing the query, it will then update based on that change in the configuration.

Important! Because this is storing the query configurations directly, there's a few things to be aware of:

  • Do not rename the tab, else it will break the sidebar functionality as it cannot find the configurations.
  • Do not delete the tab, else you will lose your configurations. We don't store them on our side for this product. (If you did do this accidentally, you can restore the last good version from the version history).
  • Do not edit rows 19-20, as it can cause other glitches and behavior problems. Only add queries at row 21 and below.
  • New queries and copies made from existing configurations should have an empty query ID - it will be assigned a new, unique value the first time it is refreshed.

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