Facebook Split Carousel Ads by Destination URL

I tried the following 


with no success.

As mentioned by the thread starter, it only gives the first URL not the rest of carousel cards.

We will need to be able to split and see all of them

Please advise. Thanks

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  • I am looking for this as well. In fact, unable to split it beyond "ad" into individual ad creatives of the carousel. 

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  • agreed I would like this as well. Not just the URL for each tile but also the text, button, etc.

  • any update on this?

  • For others following this post:

    We have a backlog item to add these (and Dynamic Ads), but we haven't been able to implement it yet as it requires large scale changes to the connector to make it work. We are going to be looking at those changes during the winter and hoping we can add support those these multi-creative type ads in late 2018/earlier 2019 (this is an estimate, it may still take longer depending on complexity and other priorities).

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • Have there been any updates on this addition?

  • Hi All,

    Sadly this feature has still no yet been implemented. The new plan is to first upgrade to a newer API version and then look to implement this. As noted this is not a trivial change to our code so that is why it's taking so long. This is a best guess estimate that it may be ready late summer/early fall, but please take this "with a grain of salt". Once we have more solid plans of when it will be done, we can update everyone with a more certain timeline.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Supermetrics Team

  •  Hi Jessica, I also need to extract URLs from all kinds of ads and have a couple of requests:

    1. Could you please expand on the limitations of the current dimensions. In what cases is it expected to work/not work? i am seeing confusing results in different FB ad accounts.

    2. Could you provide temporary workarounds using the custom JSON connector? i assume if we connect to the new FB API directly there shouldn't be any problems?

  • Hi,

    1. We currently don't support carousel and dynamic creative ads. I don't see any other notes about not supporting other types, but if there is a specific one you see that doesn't work, let me know the ad type so I can check on it.

    Generally ad types that have multiple creatives associated with them are the problem as we don't have the means to handle the 1 Ad ID to many Creative IDs yet. Ones that are 1 Ad ID to 1 Creative ID (so one image, one link with text, one video) are fine.

    We've also had a raft of assorted bugs from Facebook and in our own tool that have directly affected the URL parts of the creatives in the past 2 months, so that also impacted how reliable those were. Those issues should all be addressed at this point. If you have URLs that are not of the unsupported types that are not showing up properly, then please submit a new ticket for those with the details so we can investigate them directly:


    2. Sadly, the FB API requires OAuth authentication, which we don't support with the Custom JSON/CSV connector. You would have to download all the JSON that you need into files (or CSV) and then access those files via the connector to have the different queries with the different parts, which you would then need to assemble into the completed dataset with formulas in Sheets (as the API is complex and different parts are stored in different endpoints, they cannot be fetched at once).

    If the Ad Manager has a CSV export, that may be easier to work with, as you can then daily download the file into Drive and use the Custom JSON/CSV connector to read that. Still fairly manual though.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

  • same. any update on a possible fix?